Grundled shares the story behind their Handcrafted Danish Jewelry

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Handcrafted Danish Jewelry

Grundled is a handcrafted danish jewelry label that experiments with different handcrafting techniques and materials, such as handpainted wood and metal. Each piece by Grundled is made by hand, unique and one of a kind,100% lead- and nickel free.

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Creative process

Unique, well-made and affordable jewelry

Tell us about the story behind Grundled - how it began, the main principles and ideals of the label.

Like all things that have been a success story, Jewelry by grundled started as a hobby. A hobby I just did for fun at home. I started selling my jewelry online and on design markets and soon found out that I was doing something right.

Tell us a little about your background and yourself.

My name is Helle Just Weiling (33) and I was born and raised in a small town in the dark Western Jutland . Married to Martin Ejvind Arthur Weiling and mother of two, Folke and Elvira. I started training as a goldsmith but could not, as many others, find an apprenticeship. So in many ways I am self-taught. I think this has its advantages, not to be too schooled classically. Personally I love to immerse myself, creating something by spending many hours on small details which make the product maintains its standard every time.

What's the highlight feature of a Grundled piece?

When I started doing Grundled jewelry I always had in mind, that I would create a jewelry brand that is affordable and unique. Although all jewelry is unique and handmade by myself in my workshop in Aarhus I do not think the price should be too high. Most of the jewelry is made out of wood, painted or stained, and assembled with the metal. This is the look and identity behind Jewelry by Grundled.

Who do you look towards for creative inspiration? Why?

I find inspiration from many places , but most often in graphic design. The compositions of shapes and colors are inspiring to me.

What are your other interests when not working on Grundled?

When I am not working on Grundled I spend time with my family. And as the mother of two children, I am fully occupied as a full-time mom.

“When I started doing Grundled jewelry I always had in mind, that I would create a jewelry brand that is affordable and unique.”


Handcrafted Danish Jewelry

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