Ejvind Arthur Shares The Story Behind His Playful Minimalist Prints

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Playful minimalist prints.

The hallmark behind Ejvind's posters is the playful and light style which inspiration can be found through a combination of play and structure. Together it flows into a light chaos of simple humorous and minimalistic designs.

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Creative process

Simplifying design by reducing the unnecessary

For those that don’t know Munfuld Studio and Ejvind Arthur, could you tell us a little bit about the studio and yourself?

My name is Martin Ejvind Arthur Weiling, I am 34 years. My graphic career started on a skateboard for almost 16 years ago. I worked behind the counter with the other “roots”, where we handed skateboards over the counter all day long. Since then it has expanded rapidly and I now work with large enterprises under my own agency mundful-studio. Mundfuld-studio is a creative design agency that deals with everything in graphic designs. We design everything from large municipal sites to full identities and we have worked with Danish Music Awards Jazz TRUNK sleeves, Andersen Furniture and many others.

Your style is minimal and playful. Where does inspiration for each series come from and what does your creative process look like?

I get my inspiration everywhere ...from things I see to people I meet, my daughter Elvira, music and movies.

What does your creations say about you? How does it represent / reflect your personality and thoughts as a creator?

I have in recent years gone through a personal development process. A development where I wanted to simplify my life, making daily life more simple. The desire to own things seemed remote and my wife and I have spent much time trying to get rid of unnecessary things. The more things we owned, the more we had to think about . The less you own, the more freedom you have to be with those you love, my wife, our children, family and friends. I transfer this philosophy to my graphic prints by removing the unnecessary, by creating an elephant, mouse , shark and others just with lines and triangles and a worm just with a line.

Can you share with us a little known detail about the design process that you have discovered?

I usually create , while the same number running on repeat. In this way I keep myself in a trance and do not relate to new sounds, vocals and instruments. It may be ' Hey Mama Wolf ' with Devendra Banhart ... or ' The End ' by The Doors ... Several hours consecutively.

Who do you look towards for creative inspiration? Why?

My daughter Elvira, she is uncompromising when she draws ;) She sees things in her drawings no one sees . "Look Dad , it's a horse" (Ed. She is two years)

“I have in recent years gone through a personal development process. A development where I wanted to simplify my life, making daily life more simple.”

Ejvind Arthur

Ejvind Arthur

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