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The Loppist is an online destination that features meaningful design & culture stories to inspire better living. Discover and buy from the world's most exciting emerging designers across home, fashion and art.

A beautiful and better way to shop

Why spend time going to different, often badly designed sites, when you should be able to get all the info you want in one site? Our in-depth magazine-styled stories bring you behind the scenes to meet the designers themselves for the full scoop behind the untold stories behind a product.

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Maggie Allingham / Assembly Line

Real people. Real stories.

Meet the designers themselves as they share with you why they do what they do and the origin story behind their products. Be a part of their journey from inspiration to process and gain a deeper understanding into the things you buy.

Well-made products that are sweatshop free

Besides the baggage of questionable morals, cheap, mass-produced things are often simply cheaply constructed. Here, we only feature quality products designed with care, created in a sustainable way with respect to the environment and people involved in the process. Whether it’s a vegetable tan leather wallet or a handmade mountain pillow, you are collecting an item that has been thoughtfully made to last the test of time.

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Caroline Minar / CM AOX
Lemur wallet02 natural02

Exclusive collaborations

We believe in good, original content and this is why we often collaborate with designers to offer you new products that are exclusively available to you on The Loppist.

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We're always on the lookout for interesting designers and collaborators, if you dig what we do and want to be part of our community do drop us a line.

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